Writing I Can’t Put a Title On.


I almost left the title box blank. How do I title this? Can I? No. I can’t. My imagination has a tendency to wither and crumble when I face the coldness of reality.

Such as now.

I start over and over in my head, in the word document I have opened.





How can anything I say ever even so slightly describe what happened.

In Paris last Friday.

In Beirut two days before.

In Human History always.


The cruelness of people is something that I cannot comprehend. I can’t understand why.


It is hard to not lose faith in humanity when we are reminded so searingly often of what our species do to one another.


Paris. Beirut. Oslo. Bagdad. Rwanda. The Holocaust. I can go on for days providing you with examples of horridness created by people. Created by hate, by greed, by humans.


I don’t think we should tell people to show humanity when we want them to be compassionate, humble, or loving.


I think we should tell them to show less.

Because “humanity” does not equal anything that we want to strive for.

About Author

Marta Waldrop Bergman

Marta Waldrop Bergman is a BA student at AUSB with concentrations in both communication and media, and environmental studies. She moved to Santa Barbara from Sweden two years ago in order to study, as well as figure out everything there is to life. Through hard work and determination she graduated from SBCC this spring with two Associates degrees, and she is now pushing to get that final diploma in June 2016 (she really likes wearing those funny black hats). Marta is a quirky person, and she hates it when people take themselves too serious. She does however appreciate quality minds, and she always strives to know more about the world. While not in the Sage Library at Antioch, she is most likely all over Santa Barbara, since she always wants to see new places.

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