Investigation behind the fire alarm



Last night at about 6:45pm, the fire alarm went off in the Antioch and Arc Roch building and caught everyone by surprise.

The firefighters showed up about 10mn later and advised everyone to stay out of the school while they investigated the scene.

As I was filled with curiosity, I went to Arc Roch and found the owner to ask him if he knew what was going on. He replied with humour and told me that the problem wasn’t coming from his place and that it was probably a student who just wanted to go home early.


A bit less than half an hour later the alarm stopped. The firefighters left and we all went back to class.

The mystery wasn’t solved yet.

When class ended, I went to talk to Antioch’s security man José Sanchez.. to find out that the cause of all that was burnt popcorn on the 3rd floor!!

photo 1

So far no teacher has come forward and claim credit.

Luckily, the only consequence of this incident is that students didn’t get their regular class break.

Funny evening at Antioch.

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