Family Run Gym in Santa Barbara Provides a Space For a Bright Future.


No gym membership, no problem.

In Santa Barbara, there are a number of gyms to choose from to help someone become a competitive boxer. There is Dukes located in Goleta, Paragon downtown, State Street Boxing Club, and Valhalla Training Center. Similar to  higher education, but without the help of financial aid, boxing clubs are mostly available for people who can afford it. Membership prices can range from $60 to over $100 a month. For some people these prices are are not a big deal, but for others, $100 a month for a gym membership can be a deal breaker.

Just because someone cannot afford a gym membership, should not determine whether or not they get the proper training needed to follow their dreams. Gyms allow people to obtain techniques from coaches, and the ability to use proper training equipment that provide individuals with opportunities to spar with other boxers to help train for fights. Without a gym, it’s difficult for someone to compete.



Keeping the kids off the streets and in the gym working hard.

Knuckles Up boxing is a gym that understands that not everyone can afford a gym membership.  It’s instantly apparent when you walk in, there are individuals who all have one central characteristic in common, their love for boxing.  Aside from cultural and economic background differences, this gym has provided the community with a sense of comfort and knowledge that only a local family run establishment could provide.

The owner, Dany, and trainer, Rudy Lopez, encourage people to come in and lace up some mitts. No matter your skill level, Knuckles Up is a place for all ages full of respect and love for “the sweet science.” There aren’t any fancy matts on the floor or showers and lockers. This gym provides the necessary equipment and attitude that allows people to step up their game, knowledge, and respect and love for boxing, all cultural qualities of the sport that can’t be created from the use of expensive equipment.


With years of experience, Rudy Lopez is a true gentleman of the sport.

Some people may wonder why a gym like this would be free.  The answer is simple, there are people out there who care about the future of our youth and the well-being of the Santa Barbara community.  Knuckles Up is great for keeping the youth out of trouble.

Knuckles Up boxing, makes it their intention to keep kids off the streets, and to provide the youth with the capacity to someday win a championship belt.  There are still a good portion of older men who use the gym to stay in shape and get a good workout in. With a general attitude of respect for one another at the gym, that is instantly felt even amongst nonmembers who walk by, there are no egos and no hard feelings at the end of the day.




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