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If you have been down to the funk zones during the week in the late after noon recently, I’m sure you noticed it is a little less quiet. That is because as of a few weeks back the Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company started having guest musicians play weekly in addition to their already popular movie night, and game night.

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– The brewery was packed on live music night and I am sure it will continue to be more popular – 

The Figueroa Mountain is a popular spot for all locals in Santa Barbara and a great place to unwind on a warm summers afternoon. I had  heard the music playing for a while and knew that I had to stop in and see what it was like. In my head I thought to myself, how could a brewery have the space for a live band and still have space for the customers to move around. Turns out they set it up in a way that worked great for their location.

The day I finally made time to make it down to Fig Mountain the young musician named Matthew Szlahetka was paying. His style was perfect for the vibe the brewery gives off on a daily basis. Matthew Szlachetka is the former lead singer for the band The Northstar Session and now plays many solo shows and to be honest I think that was a brilliant move on his part. Live music nights are definitely a fun time and I highly recommend it to everyone in Santa Barbara.  

For more info on Matthew Szlachetka Check him out on his social media pages bellow.

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– Nicholas Salsbury


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