Santa Barbara’s Top Five Diamonds in the Rough


Here are some of the most picturesque locations in Santa Barbara.


Santa Barbara’s Rainbow, the “Chromatic Gate”  right in front of the Fess Parker Hotel.



“Sterns Wharf”

So beautiful and serene once the tourists have gone to sleep, it might  be a little chilly but the city lights make it worth it.



“Saddle Rock”

A great stopping point for an epic view, off of Saddle Rock trailhead above Montecito.



“Butterfly Beach”

All locals will tell you Butterfly Beach is hidden gem, no matter when you stop by, it is always an amazing place to be.



“The Wall”

Near Butterfly Beach, is an ocean facing “Wall” that is perfect for any rendezvous, or an early morning coffee break over looking the sea.


Photography by: Nicholas Salsbury


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nick salsbury

Nicholas received his Associates Degree in Photography from SBCC in 2012 and will now be graduating from Antioch University with a Bachelors Degree in Communications & Media in June of 2015. Nick is a passionate automotive enthusiast, photographer, and has always found himself at home being involved in music culture. While not in school, Nicholas can be found in the Guest Services department at the KIMPTONS Canary Hotel in downtown Santa Barbara. Nick plans to pursue a career in advertising after graduation, as well as continue to pursue his passion for online media development. As a regular & continuing columnist for the AUSB Odyssey Nick also looks forward to perfecting his journalism and broadcasting skills in the future.

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