Award-Winning Chef Opens Café at Antioch University


Back to School with a Brand New Cafe on Campus!

Ever since Bookends café left Antioch, students have been forced to either bring food from home or run up and down State Street whenever they are looking for something to eat. Buying food on State Street may not always be very time efficient for students who need to work on a deadline or have a class in five minutes. French Press across the street has become a place where nearly every Antioch student or professor buys his or her coffee or bagel for breakfast. Let’s face it, it was about time that someone took over the empty spot and filled it with tasty food and refreshing drinks.

Katie won a cooking show called “On The Menu ”hosted by TNT with Emeril Lagasse.

The Honey B rooftop café had their grand opening on October 7th at Antioch University.

The Honey B rooftop café had their grand opening on October 7th at Antioch University.

With only $50 in her pocket, Katie Belanger packed her bags and left Chicago to experience new adventures in sunny California. She started off in Ventura three years ago working for Whole Foods kitchens, since then Katie won a cooking show called “On The Menu ”hosted by TNT with Emeril Lagasse. A well-known American celebrity chef known for his mastery of Creole and Cajun Cuisine and his self-developed “New New Orleans” style.

Katie won $25000 and decided to invest her money in her dream, opening her own café. She signed a contract with Antioch University and her next goal is to create more awareness around the campus and run a successful business. Katie states “Antioch University is located in the middle of downtown Santa Barbara and still there are locals who have never heard of the University. This needs to change”.

You are probably wondering where Katie learned to cook as her food tastes amazing, well fifty percent of everything Katie knows about cooking is self-taught. As she was never really fond of her parents cooking skills she decided to take matters into own hands and do cooking as a hobby next to her studies. She will admit that she also learned a lot from working at Whole Food Kitchens; everything from chopping vegetables to prepare delicious salad dressings.


Are you craving something sweet? Katie has a mixture of healthy salads and amazing cinnamon buns.


When I asked Katie about why she chose the name “The Honey B Café” she started blushing while explaining how her mom came up with the name. It turns out that Honey B is Katie’s nickname. It represents the B as in Belanger and honey, which is sweet, tastes good and reminds you of summer. The name of her café is catchy, cute and with a simple logo it also has style.

Regardless if you are an Antioch student, professor or local in Santa Barbara looking for a new café to try out, visit the Honey B café located on the second floor of our campus. Enjoy the sun on our patio with a boat sandwich with crispy bacon, caramelized onions, arugula, tomato, chipotle ranch on cheddar and chive waffles, or vegan cinnies for only one dollar (Yummy!) You can check out the rest of Katie’s menu at .

Congratulations to Katie on her new café, we are wishing her all the best with her business and may she never stop baking those delicious rainbow bagels with honey butter.


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