Turning your desk into a yoga studio: How this local start-up is making you take breaks that can save your life


Yes, it might sound dramatic – but learning how stress has a significantly negativ effect on our health and how sitting is a huge health hazard; this solution could save a college students life (or at least your back).

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Former Lynda.com Exec Jacqui Burge founded Desk Yogi September this year, after 6 years sitting at a desk and seeing first hand the ill effects:

– The company I worked for offered yoga and fitness classes but ninety percent of the time I couldn’t go. I felt frustrated with that so I started to stream sessions online from my office for co-workers as I had been a yoga and fitness instructor before my desk job. It was super popular and I received incredible feedback from participants. That is when I knew I had to share with with everyone.

Today, local companies such as non-profit Paso Pacifico are seing first hand how the service is helping their employees:

– Even with an ocean view and steps away from the beach they can’t get away from their desks. They take periodic desk yogi breaks throughout the day to get moving and de-stress, Burge explains.

Desk Yogi delivers expert fitness training, stress reduction and mindfulness videos designed specifically for office life, but their service is equally a good fit for tired and stressed college students who spend hours every day at their computers.

– All of our videos get you up and moving or working with your stress load through self care and meditation, Burge notes.

Sounds all well and good – but why not go to one of Santa Barbaras many yoga studios, fitness centeres or just a run on the beach, you say? Well, Burge has the answer to that too:

– When health is a priority you make time for it. But when our lives are super busy – when we don’t have the time – what do we do? Well, Desk Yogi allows you to take a break that matters when folks need it the most.

Could this service save a college students life? Taking a break that matters can lower your stress, a huge hazard for todays college students, as well as easing your joints and muscles. It might not make you immortal, but it could make your life much sweeter. That is worth a try.



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