Be Aware of the Less Fortunate


We live in a world where most people are focused on how to succeed and make money. That is certainly not a bad thing, but while life takes us on different waves of paths we should not forget about the ones less fortunate.

How many times have I complained about things instead of being grateful and content with everything I have? We all surely do, we are human no one is perfect, but when we feel down let’s not forget about the ones who don’t have a place to live, who have to survive with few dollars per month, who wish to have someone that can love them, because we all need that human touch that makes us feel alive.


A beautiful quote by Audrey Hepburn

Since I was little my mother has taught me the gift of giving, that means be always ready to help a homeless person, because she wanted me to realize how many people are disadvantage. She took me to serve them breakfast or lunch on Sundays at different shelters. Since then, I have been very sensitive towards people that are not considered by society, to the people that are left behind, and even though I cannot help everyone I know can do my small part.

Once I was walking in on State Street and I saw this homeless man who looked very sad, I looked into my pocket and I had only 3 dollars. I was upset, because I did not have much so I went towards him and apologized for not having enough cash, he was so happy and grateful that he said, “no thank you for this, you do not know how much three dollars means to me, thank you young girl, and thank you for smiling at me” those words had really warmed my heart, I cannot explain how his words made me feel.

Helping others whether it is a man, a woman, a child or an animal will make them not only feel appreciated, but it will make you feel happy, because giving is one of the kindest gesture you can do. It enriches your soul with love. Money, a hug, a meal, or love, this is what they need, they want you to stop for a minute and value them as normal people.

Here is a video that shows the kindness of a hairdresser that opens her shop to the homeless:

There should be no one left alone, there should be no one who feels miserable, we have the obligation to help those that have nothing, and if we all do our little part, I have no doubt that the world can be changed into a better place. Go out there and do your part, give up a coffee from Starbucks and instead donate. If you go shopping buy something for a homeless, a t-shirt, a pair of gloves, you have no idea how much they would appreciate it. When you go grocery shopping buy something healthy for the homeless person next to the store, wherever you are and do never forget about them. Be kind and give.

A beautiful video of a guy that donates bags that contain food, gift cards to homeless people:



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