Unplugging – and other ways to reduce stress in your life


Are you stressed out about school, bills, or work? That’s unfortunately very normal. But, there is something to be done about it. These easy-to-use tips might help.

Take a moment to breath and look at the sky, not your phone.

Take a moment to breath and look at the sky, not your phone.

In our fast paced society, stress has become a major threat to well-being and general health. If you add being a student, with a full-time job or two – and commitments to family and friends – the list can feel just too long to handle.

In fact, one study show that eight in 10 college students say they sometimes or frequently experience stress in their daily life, up 20 percent in five years. These statistics might be bad, but there is ways to reduce stress in your everyday life. Here are 6 of the best ways to combat the statistics:

1. Unplug

Most of us are glued to our devices twenty-four seven. The first thing we do when we wake up, is to look at our mobile device for incoming email, and the last thing we do is to scroll down Instagram for the tenth time that day. This disrupts our natural sleep cycles and can even cause depression in severe cases. The take-away? Do a digital detox once in a while and try to not look at any devices an hour before bedtime.

2. Take a break (without your IPhone!)

Take your cup of coffee (or better, your green tea) outside. Try to not look at any screens, but the scenery wherever you are. Actually be present. These breaks restore energy and leave you recharged for what’s next.

3. Breath

Deep breathing can save any stressed-out moment. You don’t need to be in a lotus position or in a quiet space. You just need to focus on your breath for tree minutes and take tree deep breaths. Feel your lungs expand and close, and give your body a boost of fresh oxygen.

4. Create a better morning routine

Say goodbye to stressful mornings that set your day out in a bad pace. How? Simply plan ahead. The night before, pick out an outfit, make the coffee ready and have your breakfast ready to eat. Enjoy a peaceful breakfast that set the mood of the day and perhaps even good intentions.

5. Get some perspective

Ask yourself: Is this really worth stressing out over? Will anyone be really hurt if I am ten minutes late? Will this mean anything in a year, week or month? Usually not. Getting out of your head and seeing your situation from a wider perspective can be useful – and will save you unnecessary spikes of stress hormones.


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Henriette Skaadinn is a Communications Graduate, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Blogger (Balancegirl.no) in request to always be a student of life. Henriette believes in the importance of balance – in her everyday life and in yours – to find balance is her core message as a health and happiness advocate. Henriette loves to travel, finds bliss at the beach and is a homebody at heart. Her mission in life is to dare greatly and to empower women to lead healthy, happy, holistic lives through knowledge and community. Henriette currently resides in Santa Barbara, California and is on her #californiaadventure this year, before returning home to Oslo, Norway and her loved ones.

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