Three Reasons Why the Funk Zone is Better Than Downtown SB


Both Offer Exciting Options, But One Remains Superior

1. Independent Businesses

The Funk zone is filled with eclectic spots to eat and drink that you won’t find anywhere else. With local favorites such as The Lark, Seven, Llama Dog and Figueroa Mountain Brewery, you’ll be sure to find something that you wouldn’t expect.

2. Art/culture

In addition to the many unique food and drink options, the Funk Zone is home to a handful of art galleries and exhibitions that are bursting at the seams with culture and creativity. For example, the annual art walk is an engaging event that attracts artists and art enthusiasts alike.

3. Less high heels, more flip flops (atmosphere)

In contrast to the sometimes-formal and touristy feel of historic downtown Santa Barbara, the Funk Zone offers a more laid-back, relaxed atmosphere perfect for post-beach-day festivities or casual afternoons wine tasting.

By; Damien, Caroline, Tim and Jennie


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Jennie Sundgot

Jennie Sundgot is a senior student at Antioch University Santa Barbara, studying Business and Entrepreneurship, as well as an assistant manager at a Norwegian recruitment company named Yapril AS . Next to her studies and work, she enjoys spending time outside exploring the fun activities Santa Barbara, CA has to offer. You can find Jennie in high heels during nighttime and white vans during daytime with a latte in her right hand and a heavy bag in the other. Connect with Jennie on LinkedIn.

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