The Elements


The High King
Ruled humbly but fierce like fire
The flame of the youth gathered the wise
The City was as bright as Sirius
The warmth of the women kept the men tuned
For those who left, the inferno awaited
Ignite the voices of those who are heard

The Forgotten Maiden roamed the many seas
Searching for what is lost
Reservoir is the name, let’s not forget
Bound by the pool of her determination
Wanderings of the waters, soon to come
An inevitable eternity of tears

Fresh like no other
A breeze that travels the known world
The winds, calm or hellish
A draft that protects and serves
Air is needed air is loved

The Mother of all Mothers and Fathers
The ground and the mainland
Healing properties to sooth the vessel
Toxicity for the daring
Terra firma is her name
We lay our head to rest on her beloved terrain


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E'lontay Sumpter

E’lontay Sumpter was born in Los Angeles, California. He is a full-time student majoring in management with Associate's Degree in sociology and liberal studies. E’lontay is currently writing for Odyssey. The curiosity of E’lontay brought him this far in his education. He believe that storytelling is what connects people, and hopes his story and stories will have a impact for the greater good.

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