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Antioch University Santa Barbara offers Independent Study courses as a way for students to individualize their educational experience. Cristina Marquez, a B.A student in the Applied Psychology concentration, wanted to advance her photography skills through the use of film. With the support of her advisor, Shara Keller, Marquez developed an Independent Study titled “The Art of Film Photography.”

Odyssey Online reached out to Marquez about her experience with the Independent Study program offered at AUSB:

“This quarter I am doing an independent study in film photography, which actually evolved out of previous Independent Study (IS) courses. This is my third independent study,  the first one was in creative nonfiction writing, the second was, in essence, my personal journey through creative expression. I really like that the Independent Study option allows me to further explore my interests within a flexible academic structure. I also like that I can work with professors who are there to support and challenge me.

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Photography in general was something I thought I’d never get into. It was never particularly interesting to me and it actually seemed pretty boring. But about two years ago that changed. I started to explore my own creativity, through creative writing and painting. At the same time I was discovering amazingly creative film photography work by artists from all over the world. I suppose I was just so inspired I wanted to experience it for myself.

The reason I picked “Film Photography” as my IS concentration is because film has a life of its own. There’s definitely richness to it. The grain, the color, the rawness – you can’t get that from digital photography.

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