iPhone Film Making Made Easier


Wether Your an iPhone Expert or First Time User, You Can Make Astonishing Films.

We live at the most amazing time ever and we should be recording it, editing it and sharing it with the world. It’s not about having the expensive equipment and army of people to help create a film, is about using the devices that we have with us to create beauty from each one of our hearts and lives.

“In the future, everybody is going to be a director. Somebody’s got to live a real life so we have something to make a movie about.” – Cameron Crowe

camera-1405559_1280iPhone: No matter what iPhone you have you can utilize the amazing technology Apple has provided to make works of art. Pro-Tip: Lighting it’s always the easy to correct, but try picking up something simple to help reflect the light such as the Interfit Collapsible Reflector.

filmic-proFilMic Pro: This app gives you more control of the camera such as; focus area, ISO settings, zoom presets, ability to change the aspect ratio, frame rate and much more. If your looking to take your videography to the next level make sure you get this app. The app was used to film the movie Tangerine using only the iPhone back in 2015.

8243-logo-captureEditing: So many apps on your phone, pick your favorite or pick them all, but this one is free and I do believe you will favor it most of all – iMovie. iMovie is a simple and easy to use app for basic editing. You have many of the bells and whistles that can enhance your film while staying understandable to all knowledge levels.

Audio: using a microphone is going to be your best friend. Anyone who has done any filming can tell you; “you can fix almost everything but you can’t fix the audio.” Get clean audio the first time and your life becomes that much easier. Pro-Tip: use your iPhone headphones as a microphone if you have nothing else or buy something simple off Amazon.


Tangerine (2015)


Tangerine (2015)



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