Resqme: Hope you’ll never use it


Laurent, CEO of RESQME

Resqme: I hope you will never have to use it, but if, you will be glad you have it. The Resqme is a life saver, literally, and between all the crazy ideas that I could write about, I decided to share this one with you, because even if it saves only one life, I will still benefit from some good karma points.

Before explaining what the Resqme is, or what it does, I think it is important to explain the context that beside saving lives, makes it so interesting. First of all, the owner and CEO is Laurent Colasse. If his name sounds French, it is because he is. The second important thing is that he is a successful entrepreneur that created a Good Company that contributes to the community, which fit perfectly for a story telling at Antioch University. And last but not least, the Headquarters of the company are located in Santa Barbara, and this makes it even more interesting. To state it all, we have a French entrepreneur that operates a good company in Santa Barbara that contributes to the community, and saves life. If I were a fisherman for the Online Odyssey, this would be my Moby-Dick.

The Resqme tool

The Resqme tool


More seriously, the Resqme is a small tool that you can attach to your key chain, which is pretty esthetic, come in various colors, and most importantly, a tool that anyone can get, and could save your life or the life of someone else in case of a car accident.


This tool is going to be used in 3 simples steps:

  • Pull from the clip
  • Cut the seat belt
  • Break the Window

Thanks to those 3 little steps, you could in the worst case scenario escape your vehicle, or help someone else to get out safely, because when the minutes count, you cannot afford to waste any. Many of might not know how hard it is to break a car window, especially if you are injured. And opening the car doors under water is an even harder task because of the water pressure that will apply. Many firefighter and policemen recommends the Resqme, and here is a video that illustrates how useful it can be:

There are many reviews online that explains how thankful people are for the Resqme, that I really encourage you to get one. Plus, around $9, to maybe save your life, there are no reason not to get one. An estimated of 400 people die each year because of a sinking car, but with the Resqme, you won’t be one of them. If you want more informations about the tool, I strongly encourage you to check the website here.

Different colours of the Resqme tool

Different colours of the Resqme tool

I did found one downside though, since I have mine, I only think about breaking windows, but hopefully I never will (except maybe Laurent’s windshields prototype testing, as he promised), and you neither.


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