How to Travel the World on a Budget


We all want to see the world and experience different cultures. The one thing that is stopping most of us is money 

There are many people who live to travel and have many years of experience and pointers. It is worth your time to take a look at these tips and advices, and you might save a lot of money. There is a lot to think about before and during a trip; here are some suggestions that could make your traveling dream come true. Hopefully, after reading this piece, you will feel inspired to experience new countries and get out in the world.

1. Plan ahead
It is always a good idea to make a plan before you travel on what you want to do and when you want to do it. Avoid national holidays, if you can; airlines often raise their prices during holidays.

 2. Look for low fares within different airlines.
Many airlines offer different low fare trips, if you book your flight ahead of time. Be flexible look at different destinations within the country you are looking at and you might find an affordable ticket to places you did not know about. Thrillist have come up with some tips to find the cheapest tickets:

  • Book your ticket 47 days before a trip
  • Clear your browser´s cookies
  • Fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Fly two different airlines to get to your destination

“You do not need to be rich to travel”- Nomadic Matt


3. Do research on your destination

Take a look at what other people have written about the different attractions in the city you are visiting; find out where to live, what to do and where to eat. This can save you a lot of money and time.
When you have booked your flight and figured out where to go, here are some fun websites and apps for your smartphone save up for your next trip.ts in their city. You can also participate in being a tour guide in your own city worth your attention.

Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace where people list, discover, and book accommodations around the world. You can even rent out your apartment when you are on your trip. Here you can book for a night, week, or a loner period of time for an affordable price; often under market price compared to hotels. Airbnb is located in 34,000 cities and 191 countries.

tours in different cities around the world. A local takes you on tour and use their time and knowledge to show you the coolest spots in their city. You can also participate in being a tour guide in your own city and save up for your next trip. Vavable is a place to discover unique, cultural experiences from design, food tours, and private dinners, wine tasting and underground history.

One last tip: Make travel your priority. Make a storyboard or clipboard with inspiring images of the places you want to go. Create an account where you set aside money regularly. Make a plan over how much you want to save for a period of time. This will make you think critically over new things you buy or habits you have. Do you really want that cup of coffee, or do you want to set aside that money for traveling?



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