Martin Leyva, Antioch Alum and community activist


In a recent interview, several Antioch students got a chance to talk to local activist Martin Leyva on current social justice issues in the nation, the role of younger people, and the role of the Antioch community. Antioch is huge in promoting social justice, and Martin expects no less from Antioch students.

Antioch is the perfect place to talk about this issue”…….Martin Leyva

On Dec 10, 2014 Antioch students were able to interview AUSB Alum and Santa Barbara community activist Martin Leyva about his role in organizing rallies held downtown following the police indictments of police officers in Ferguson, Mo and New York City. Late in the evening Martin met up with students in an Antioch classroom and discussed social justice, community involvement, racial profiling and Antioch’s role in supporting him as a community activist.

“It’s not an issue that just happens in Ferguson, it’s not an issue that just happens in New York, It’s an issue that is happening nationally” Martin Leyva

Martin credits Antioch with opening his eyes to see through a different lense and taking his passion as an activist to another level. He urges AUSB students, staff and faculty to get involved and help make a change.

For the raw and uncut video, click here.


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