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Although many restaurants and bars have now reopened in California, strict guidelines are still in place regarding masks and social distancing. But what, exactly, is going on in Sweden? In this week’s news special our foreign correspondent reporter, located across the Atlantic, learns more about what it’s like to be quarantined in Sweden. Are the residents following regulations and guidelines regarding social distancing? How are the frustrated senior citizens handling the restrictions? Is social isolation becoming too much for some to handle; leading to psychological deterioration and impulsive behaviors? Stay tuned as we dig deeper, talking to the locals to get the real lowdown.



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D Wall

Danielle is a graduating student in the BA program here at AUSB. Although she was born in Santa Barbara, she was raised, and spent most of her formative years in rural Sweden. Before Antioch, she studied Theater Arts and Psychology at Santa Barbara City College. Realizing she could marry her two passions, she went on to study applied psychology at Antioch University Santa Barbara and will eventually study clinical psychology here as well. With a Masters in clinical psychology Danielle’s goal is to become a licensed therapist specializing in expressive arts- and somatic psychotherapy.

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