Breaking the Pattern


“Breaking the Pattern”


Lauren Russ

We embraced a pattern of seeking slumber while surrounded by lights and sounds

Every evening the same rhythm of gestures is laid out on our bed like a quilt

I reach out to touch your temple and you invite me in for the night’s embrace

A synthetic sky blue cascades over our bodies in the dark

But I never sleep

The sounds of memories of other people’s stories bounce around the walls of our room

They ricochet into the walls of my heart

Tonight I turn off the television

A desperate dash from the regularly scheduled program of partnered practices

The silence envelopes me as I greet the absence of pixelated starlight

I fall asleep

Featured Photo by Zhen Hong on Unsplash


About Author


Lauren Russ

Lauren Russ is a student at Antioch University working toward her B.A. in Psychology. She was drawn to pursuing higher education at this school based on its value placement on social engagement and inclusivity in an academic setting. Lauren hopes to combine her educational experience and her passion for mental health healing to open a therapeutic practice in the Santa Barbara community.

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