My Crystal Heart Boy


I’ve dreamt of seeing your eyes

Blue like the deep sea 

I want to hold you against my chest

Give you all my love and soul


Listen to your heartbeat 

Touch your tiny hands 

Always be there for you 

Take care of you, never let you go



Watch over your sleep

We both will get through it 

I don’t want you to have my fears


When we meet, we’ll not be alone

We will have each other

I will sacrifice everything for you

From the bad, good will come 


I want you to know I am sorry

You are my treasure chest 

My most prized possession 

You are the best part of me 


You are my universe

To infinity and beyond 

My crystal heart boy




About Author


Yesenia Mundo

Yesenia Mundo will be graduating this fall with her Bachelor in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Childhood Development & Education from Antioch University in Santa Barbara, California. This is her second quarter taking Odyssey. Yesenia enjoys taking online classes because it gives her the opportunity to spend more time with her son, Kayden.

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