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Social media is an important outlet for both businesses and individuals in today’s marketing and branding world. Social media is for promoting and selling products as well as branding ourselves. I’m one of the many people out there using social media to brand myself. To brand myself I post pictures and videos on Instagram and Facebook. I update from my races I do and from my life outside of racing. I have used social media for years, but never really thought much about it. That was until I entered the world of NHRA drag racing here in the U.S. Social media is important for racecar drivers to first of all brand themselves, represent their sponsors, and connect with fans.

I have been reading Crushing it! By Gary Vaynerchuk for one of my classes this quarter, and it teaches you how great entrepreneurs build their business and influence others and how we all can do the same. It teaches you everything from the different platforms to how much work you have to expect to put in to it. I valued the explanations of the use of the different platforms and how you can be yourself but deliver different content. I personally use Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to deliver different content to my followers. The book suggest to start with a Facebook business page. You might think that this is only for people who actually are starting or have a business, but you can have it as an individual person as well, like me. The reason Gary Vaynerchuk starting with this is because it will look appealing to the young viewers. Gary says in the book: “its the entry to building a personal brand”.


The second social media platform I use is Instagram and it’s probably the platform I use the most, and therefore the one I naturally put the most work into. It’s easy to post highlights from my day and share smaller information from when I’m racing to their feature “My Story.” This feature is almost impossible for followers to miss as it will appear on the top of the feed, and it will only be there for 24h. I can also share videos and pictures with more information in the Instagram feed that will be there forever or until deleting it. To get discovered it’s important to use relevant hashtags. The hashtags will make it easier for people with common interest to search for the content or information that is out there. Not only will other people find a you, but you can also find people with the same interests that might be willing to collaborate with you. A collaboration can result in more followers, purchases and new collaborations which is how you can become an influencer or have a successful business through social media.

The last social media platform I use is YouTube. This is the newest platform I have started using. People make a living of off their YouTube channel, making makeup tutorials, workout videos and everything else you could imagine. Statista looked at the annual earning for YouTubers in June 2017 and DanDTM was on top of the list with an earning of 16.5 million dollars. Not everyone make as much money as him, but it shows how much a YouTuber can actually make.

From this book I have learned that we might have to go out of our comfort zone and don´t care how the first couple videos or pictures looks like. The influencers on Instagram and YouTube probably didn´t have the best quality of content when they first started creating content. I´m slowly figuring out how to film and edit videos for YouTube. The most difficult part for me is how to edit them the way I imagine it in my head.  Learning how to edit is a process and I started out on imovie, that came with my computer.

I highly recommend reading the book if you want to get tips on how to become an entrepreneur, start a business or become an influencer.


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Julie Nataas

Julie Nataas is a Marketing and Business Major at Antioch University. She is originally from Drobak, Norway and moved to Santa Barbara two and a half years ago. Julie is an adrenaline junkie and is all about following her dreams and passion, drag racing. Right now she is an NHRA dragrace driver travelling around the United States with her team. She hopes to use her Marketing and Business bachelor to enhance her dragracing career and become professional.

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