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Graduation is right around the corner! As the final week of spring quarter is quickly approaching, so is Antioch’s 2014 Commencement Ceremony held at Fess Parker on June 20th. Are you or a fellow classmate graduating this year? If so, the money lei is a super fun and extremely easy to make gift for you friends and your family!

STEP ONE: Materials
A pair of Scissors
Ball of Yarn or Balloon Ribbon
50 $1 Bills ( you can get change at any bank)

photo 6

STEP TWO: Preparing the Yarn/Ribbon
Take your ball of yarn and measure how long you would like your lei to be.
( Keep in mind that you begin placing folded dollars three inches from the back of the neck).
Using your scissors snip the measured piece off.
Be sure to have it long enough to fit all your dollar bills on it and leaving room to tie a knot when you are done.
Then snip fifty pieces of yarn each measuring two inches.

STEP THREE: Folding the Bills
Next begin folding your dollar bills.
First take the bill and fold it back and forth to create fan pleats.
Then fold the fan in half, as shown in the pictures. Take a yarn snip and wrap it around the middle fold making a double knot.

photo 2

STEP FOUR: Unfolding the Bills
Carefully tug the bill at each end to begin unfolding and opening the bill to form the flower look!
Repeat this step for each of the dollar bills.

photo 1

STEP FIVE Adding the Bills to the Ribbon
Take the long measured piece of yarn and add the bills by taking the excess yarn from the double knot and tie it on to the long piece of yarn.
Begin in the middle and work your way up.
Once you have tied all your bills, take the two loose ends of your lei and tie them together in a double knot.
Lastly take your scissors and snip any excess string around the neck or off the bills.
Once you have done this be sure to take your lei and hang it up or place it in a box to prevent it from being smashed.

photo 5

photo 3


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