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When A Customer At Work Turned Into A New Career Opportunity.

It was an ordinary night working at Nordstrom, when a customer came in to buy suit. Like always I provided great customer service and really tied to make a connection with my client. Little did I know, by the end of our conversation this man would offer me a chance to work for his company. He mentioned that he had an app that would change the mortgage industry as we know it. I got his number, texted him the next day, and now I’m helping market and promote the app through different channels.

The mortgage industry. So many things to know about this type of work it’s hard to wrap your head around it without getting a migraine. The main points to know for this article is that there are two sides. There are buyers, who are seeking to take out a loan. Then there are Lenders, who are seeking out clients to lend money too. If you have that concept down, lets get to it.

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It’s called the Local Loans app and was founded by a few guys who were and still are part of the mortgage industry. Justin Dees, Sam Astan, and Darren Ohanian are the gentleman who founded the Local Loans app. There isn’t currently anything out on the market that offers the features and tools that this app does. There are some that try to compete, but really nothing comes close.

“Ideas started coming, prototypes were being tested, and days quickly turned into nights. A year and a half later the Local Loans App is fully functional and available to download in the Apple App store.” -Sam Astan

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So at this point in time the Local Loans app is at a very interesting stage. The app is developed, fully functional, offers both buyers and lenders an app that will make their lives easier, and is available in the Apple App store. Now that the app is developed and available in the app store, now its all about marketing.

The whole point of the Local Loans app is to make people’s lives easier. Whether a person is seeking to buy their first home or if a mortgage loan officer is in need of leads. The Local Loans app has all the tools necessary to make everyone’s life easier and the whole process of mortgage loans a fun experience.



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