Reconnaissance Report


Flew around the globe a couple times times today
My presence hasn’t been seen by primeape or machine per usual
Seasons are changing and I will be heading back soon for resupply
It can get pretty cold underwater
And the creatures below the trenches are colossal

As mentioned in my last report
The public has been informed
I have yet to notice any signs of mass hysteria
Technology continues to improve at a rapid pace
Species has yet to unify and is still divided, hostile and self- threatening
Species has continued to attempt travel in the open
Species remains centuries away from discovering light speed

As mentioned in my last report
Temperatures continue to rise gradually all around the globe
Within the next century conditions will become catastrophic
Species definitely has the potential to become a valuable sub-division ally
Multiple civilizations have advanced since we last tried to introduce them
We’re still ready to terminate if told to do so.


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Jonathon LoneTree is a full time student at Antioch University Santa Barbara pursuing a bachelor's degree in Communication & Marketing. He was born in Watsonville, CA, and raised in Los Banos, CA, surrounded by farmland and dirt canals. Jonathon has yet to publish any books or novels, although he has released two albums and plenty of other songs that he has produced and written by himself and with other artists as well. Jonathon believes that everybody has a purpose in life. He also believes that the art of storytelling is what makes the world go round… along with money, the sun, gravity, etc.

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