trigger warning* 


She’s a slut.  She’s a prude.

Why didn’t she speak up for herself? 

She doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut.  

How dare she want it. How dare she change her mind.


She should be nicer.  She was too nice.

She was too easy on him, he will be a sissy.  It’s her fault he’s so aggressive.

He didn’t mean anything by it, don’t say anything, he’s family.


She’s too dark. She’s too white.

She wears too much make-up.  She doesn’t take care of herself.

She’s so hairy it’s gross.  When she waxes, it’s hot, but she’s a hoe if she does.

Her tits are too big. Her tits are too small. 

She’s too fat. She’s too skinny.


She likes to f*ck, that’s hot.  She likes to f*ck, she’s a slut.


Why is she covered up, she has a great body. 

She showed too much skin, she deserved it. 

She didn’t say no, she didn’t say anything.

If she didn’t want him to touch her, why was she smiling?

He just wanted to buy her a drink, she didn’t have to be such a bitch, he was just trying to be nice.


When she interrupts the flow, he can’t get off.  She ruins it. 

If she wasn’t satisfied, why didn’t she say anything?


She’s not really a lesbian, she just hasn’t been f*cked by a man the right way.

She’s too pretty to be a lesbian.  She’s too butch.


If she worked harder she’d get promoted. It’s not his fault he gets paid more.

She slept her way to the top.

She’s a gold digger.

He let her win.


He’ll f*ck her but she isn’t marriage material.  He wants to marry her but she can’t like to f*ck.

She’s a piece of trash to be used and thrown away.


He wouldn’t get so angry if she didn’t make him angry.

His wife can handle it all.  She is drowning.

How can she be tired, she’s just at home all day doing nothing.  She is drowning.

He was just joking, she’s too sensitive.


She’s too much. 

She’s not enough.

She’s crazy.

It’s all in her head.




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Trish Hecker is pursuing her BA degree in Liberal Studies at Antioch University Santa Barbara. After a 17 year absence from college, she decided the time was now to fulfill her dream of finishing her BA. The Individualized Masters of Arts program in Transformative Learning at Antioch is the next step in her grand plan. Trish is a 47-year-old divorced mom of two teenagers, lives in the Santa Ynez Valley, and firmly believes in order to live life fully, on occasion, we must be willing to leap out into the unknown.

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