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Santa Barbara Has Some Pretty Cool Parks But Which One Do I Pick and For Which Occasion?

Most people are going to parks for one of three reasons; private party, party with children and parties including drinking. Parties that take place at a park involve or can fit inside one of these areas and of course interlace one another. 

400 Person Area at Tucker's Grove - Photo Credit: SB County

400 Person Area (SB County)

Parks With Privacy: For those of us that want to have a get-together with our friends in a beautiful place and enjoy some privacy check out these parks. You might have a birthday party, baby shower, wedding party or literally any party which you might want some privacy.

Rocky Nook Park – This park is mainly a first come first serve type of park. There is only one area, Area 1, which can be reserved for only $90 and seats up to 50 people. Plenty of room for children to play and adults to enjoy each others company. There is also a lovely creek just steps away which you can walk down to and enjoy this drought from a new perspective. Now remember, if and when you want to throw that huge party and enjoy some seclusion, pick Rocky Nook Park.

Tucker’s Grove – With this beautiful park you get less privacy but more fun. A park that can give you horse shoes, a kids playground and bbq pits has 8 areas that can be reserved. Prices start at $65 and run up to $315. Seems a bit expensive until you realized you can seat 400 people. That is your whole wedding party, the neighbors up and down the block, the whole Online Odyssey team and more. When thinking about that huge party you’re going to have, think Tucker’s Grove.


Kids World (City Sights for Kids)

Parks For Children: We already talked about some private parks that have places for kids to play but what about the park meant for kids? These two parks are perfect for any gathering that you might want to center around the little guys and gals.

Kids World at Alameda Park – Built in 1993 this playground is a kids dream party location in Santa Barbara. Its one of the most popular parks for kids in town and has been since it opened. You don’t need reservations but I would get there early to snag a spot. I say this park is great for all ages but it’s listed that ages 2-12 are the perfect ages to play at Kids World.

Chase Palm Park – If you love the ocean, beach, sand, shells and playgrounds all in one, you should consider this nautical themed park for children. When you relative asks you; “Can we go play at the park?,” your head should go straight to Chase Palm Park because it will blow their socks off. Also note if your willing to take a short walk there is also a carousel.


Frisbee Golf Net

Parks Good For Drinking: Most of the parks in Santa Barbara you can drink at and won’t be bothered but it’s technically not allowed unless you use unmarked cups. But believe me you are not going to be able to bring a keg with you, that’s for sure. If you are interested in doing some drinking I am providing you with the parks in the area which are considered “wet” parks. This meaning you can openly drink.

Rose Garden across the Santa Barbara Mission – Also know as A.C. Postel Memorial Rose Garden has been a staple of Santa Barbara for many years with its unbelievable beauty and location across from the Mission. This park is considered a “wet” park and is perfect for any occasion with family, friends and well, pretty much anything. It’s only downside is the lack of restrooms. The treck to the restrooms at the mission is your only hope but make sure you go to the bathroom before the mission closes.

Evergreen Open Space – One of the largest open spaces in the area and combine that with being a “wet” park makes this the perfect adult party park. Note: there are children around and a place for children to play so be courteous to your fellow patrons. This is also one of the top Frisbee Golf Courses in the area with a full 18 holes. If your planning on playing some keg-ball then consider doing it at Evergreen Open Space.

The next time that you are planning a party and need a park, remember this article and it can help you narrow the search. Whether it’s a party for kids, adults, drinking or all of the above you now have the tools in your hands to pick the best location for your party.

Santa Barbara Mission Across from the Rose Gardens


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